Xcel Baits is run by myself, Shaun Russell.

I openly admit I’m no superstar in the angling world who has had shed loads of uk 50s and just put my name to a product that is manufactured elsewhere.

I’m just a normal angler with honesty and integrity that loves to catch true old English carp of any size, and have spent over 15 years in the bait industry with a vast knowledge of the science that goes into producing top quality, instantly attractive food baits.

I have always been fascinated with the make-up and creation of true, nutritionally complete food baits, this come around after being a hands-on consultant for another company for a couple of years.

I spent 7 years in the rolling department creating and producing products. Unfortunately, the company had to cease trading in 2012 so with the fire still burning inside I decided to use my years of bait knowledge into starting my own venture and Xcel Baits was born and 8 years later we are going from strength to strength.

All the best Shaun Russell